EPIC for Idu Field Gas Recovery and Plant Revamping Project (Phase I)

Scope of work:

Revamping of the existing flowstation and construction of a 150 MMscf/d gas plant including installation of the following main items:

  1. NAG separator , Launching trap, Metering unit, Gas boot
  2. Flare and blow-down system
  3. LP Gas compression packages, MP Gas compression package, Turbo-generators packages
  4. Fuel gas system, Diesel oil system
  5. Air compression unit
  6. Emergency diesel generators
  7. Water well system, Potable water System, Water treatment
  8. Nitrogen generator package
  9. Fire Fighting system
  10. 12' oil trunk (600m) line to Brass pipeline tie-in
  11. OB/OB gas plant: Receiving trap, slug catcher, pipeline, instrumentation, electrical, civil
  12. Electric transformers, M.V. switchboard, MCC and PMCC panels
  13. DCP, ASP, DCS, ESD,PSD, F&G systems and ECD
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