Forcados-Yokri Integrated Project Contract CPF/CCP - North Bank Flowstation AGG Works

Scope of work:

  1. Installation and Construction of 2nos AG medium pressure compressors and 1no high pressure (150 bar discharge pressure) Export compressor 120mmscf.
  2. Installation of:
  3. Compressor Scrubber units
  4. 72 meter high vertical Flare
  5. Process and GRE Piping network
  6. 1500# Export piping manifold
  7. Laying and termination of HV and LV cables 20km
  8. 2nos, 33kva transformers for power supply
  9. Telecom tower and equipment for CPF
  10. Field instruments, control room instruments, DCS Cabinates, Wiring works, terminations & loop checks
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