“What Safety Really Means to Me” (MD – Alcon Nigeria Limited)

In my many years in the construction industry, I’ve come to realize that safety is simply caring for people. It’s about ensuring the workers get back to their family in one piece. As such create a state of mind that regards the workforce and workplace as an extension of the family and our homes respectively. To achieve this, careful attention has to be put into ensuring the workplace is safe, not in the sense of having a strict strait jacketed workplace where workers are bullied into complying with the rules but creating through effective free communication an environment of trust where safety is in the hearts and minds of our people.

Top management and senior managers have a responsibility to lead by example by creating an atmosphere where workers are free to express themselves about their safety and welfare believing that management will show concern by listening and acting decisively to safe guard them.

During site visits I realize that workers respond, to that handshake you give them, the smile, pat on the back and that peculiar thing you know about them. I can see the big smiles on their faces when I ask them about their wives and children. It’s this environment of trust that makes the worker catch and protect the management vision of “No Harm To People”.

I remember in one of the Shell Projects we executed, the Soku NAG Compression Project, where we built a world class accommodation camp for the workers with great facilities to carter for them, I always felt the passion for complying with safety rules exuded from the workers whenever I visited. We’ve worked for twenty four months without a recordable case.

As a Contractor to Shell, to achieve ‘Goal Zero’, we have to create a safety culture which is imbedded into the hearts of our workers. This year’s Shell safety day theme “Achieving Goal Zero Because We Care” reinforces the need for Shell Management and Contractors to demonstrate their commitment in creating an environment that fosters trust. As the Managing Director of Alcon Nigeria Limited, I and my leadership team are committed to caring for our workers because AT ALCON, WE CARE.

We Show genuine concern for the workers welfare  (Care For People), we are  interested in their health, feeding, comfort, where they sleep, happiness, their well-being, get to know them personally by names and identifying the things that motivates each individual on their jobs and put in place things to best support them.

I as the Managing Director believe and came up personally with our Slogans that says “At ALCON We Care” I will make sure all the required resources, necessary materials and conducive environment is made available for the Alcon Workers in Achieving Goal Zero - Because We Care.

HSE Policy Statement


The company will conduct its activities in a manner, which ensures so far is reasonably practical, the health and safety of its employees and others that may be affected in any way by the Company's activities.

ALCON NIG LIMITED will conduct its activities in a manner which so far as is reasonably practical, avoids disturbances to the environment and, if disturbance does occur as a result of the Company's activities, will imitiate every effort to restore the environment its former standard.

ALCON believes:

  • That Health, Safety and Environmental preservation are equally as important other business activities.
  • That accidents, injuries and environmental disturbance preventable and unacceptable.
  • That Health, Safety and Environment preservation are line management responsibilities.
  • That everyone is responsible for their own safety  and the safety of thier colleagues at work.
  • That suitable programs and appropriate line action will be implemented and taken respectively towards the continual improvement of its HSE-MS.
  • That each subcontractor must adhere to ALCON and its client's plans and procedures to establish a safe work site during all phases of their work scope.
  • That it will comply through appropriate methods to both the local and international HSE legislations and regulations that relates to its operations.

The company will pursue the concepts of this HSE policy through its company plans and procedures, visible management and supervisory commitment, through the inclusion of these concepts in its training, communication and motivational programs of its stakeholders.




YEAR 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012


2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
TOTAL MAN-HOURS 7,520,794 7,797,600 7,613,085 7,284,392 5,297,310 5,997,391 6,008,621
Number of Fatalities (FLT)  NIL   NIL   NIL   NIL   NIL   NIL  NIL 
Number of Lost Time Injuries (LTI) NIL   NIL   NIL   NIL   NIL  1 NIL 
Number of Permanent Total Disability Cases (PTD) NIL   NIL   NIL   NIL   NIL   NIL  NIL 
Number of Permanent Partial Disability Cases (PPD)  NIL   NIL   NIL   NIL   NIL   NIL  NIL 
Number of Lost Workday Cases (LWC) 2  NIL   NIL  1  NIL  2 NIL
Number of Medical Treatment Cases (MTC) 4 1 2 1 3 5 2
Number of First Aid Cases (FAC) 3 6 5 4 6 8 14
Number of Near Misses (NM) 52 43 36 12 8 15 18
Number of Occupational illessess NIL   NIL   NIL  3  NIL  2 NIL 
Number of Medivac Cases  NIL   NIL  3 5 2 3  NIL 
Marine Traffic Accident Frequency NIL   NIL   NIL   NIL   NIL   NIL  NIL 
Total Number of Incidence (Minor Accidents)  2 (MINOR)   3 (MINOR)   1(MINOR)   3(MINOR)  1 1 2
Total Recordable Case Frequency 2 1 1  <1   <1   <1  2
Road Traffic Accident Frequency 3 3 2 3  <1   <1  1
Total Number of Major Accidents  NIL   NIL   NIL   NIL  1  NIL   NIL 


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