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Gbaran SOS


Scope Of Work

Phase 1

  1. Installation of reciprocating pumps and all related works
  2. Pipe Modification works for the XHP1 and XHP2
  3. Installation of temporary metering unit
  4. Integration works for temporary pumps to existing automation system
  5. Modification of the Booster Compressor Field Aux. Room to accommodate the new I/Os

Phase 2

  1. Installation of new Electric Driven Centrifugal Pumps.
  2. Installation of Fixed Metering System
  3. Installation of Corrosion Inhibitor Packages
Client SPDC
Site Gbaran
Project Description Gbaran Supply of Security
Scope of Work

To secure gas supply contract to NLNG in the event of TNP outage

To enhance Environmental performance

Support Goal ZERO

Actual Progress 100%


On 1st of February 2015 Alcon succesfully finalized the first phase of the project. As a recognition of Alcon performance, the Shell GM Projects, Mr. Toyin A. A. OLAGUNJU sent us an appreciation letter.

SPDC Project team reported on Friday that Gbaran SOS is ready for start-up. Our appreciation to entire ALCON team for making this happen in good time and safely. We also hope same vigour will go Soku Compression and the Phase 2 of the SOS.
Many thanks.
GM Nigeria (Projects) Operated
Shell Projects and Technology, Nigeria
"Simplicity with Speed, Safely"