The official launching of Alcon-ABB Low Voltage Panel Assembly mini-workshop in Woji

The official launching of Alcon-ABB Low Voltage Panel Assembly mini-workshop in Woji was successfully held at Alcon Woji Fabrication yard on 11th December 2014.
The occasion marks the official opening for business of Low Voltage panel assembly by Alcon as a certified channel partner of ABB. The launching of this facility is only the first stage in a series of plans for the development of local capacity in the industry with strategic partners. In 2015 Alcon plans to commence construction of a 1800 sq meter assembly workshop facility located in SPDC I.A.
The launching was attended by OEM Partners from ABB, SPDC NCD team, representatives of NCDMB, GIBB Nigeria, MILAT Nig Ltd, Dover Engineering, Plant Engineering and Fiddil Nig Ltd.

Photo Gallery

From L-R: Igo Weli (SPDC), Kene Akube (SPDC), Simeon Illya (NCDMB), Tassalla Tersugh (NCDMB), Ahmed Gamal (ABB), Filippo Lussana (ABB), Talal ElAssaad (ABB), Uba Obasi (ALCON)

Alcon has signed a MOU with SPDC

Alcon has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SPDC for the Completion and commissioning of FYIP CCP/CPF gas plant and North Bank Flowstation, that is expected to become a new contract award within 31-12-2014.
This event reconfirms the trust that Oil companies have in Alcon and its execution capabilities.

Cooperation Agreement with Mertec

Cooperation Agreement Signed With Mertec Middle East LLC

Alcon is proud to announce the signing of a Cooperation Agreement with the prestigious company Mertec Middle East LLC, subsidiary of Mertec Technology Group. Mertec's core activities are the realization, modernization and maintaining of industrial plants.

Both parties will work together to provide Industrial Plant Total Services in Nigeria. The Agreement was signed by Mr. Andreas Kegel, Mertec Middle East LLC Director and Mr. Stefano Piotti, Alcon's Managing Director.

Date: 15th of November 2014

EPCC for NLNG IA Workshop Refurbishment - New Contract Awarded

Alcon is proud to announce that a new contract was awarded: EPCC for NLNG IA Workshop Refurbishment and External Building Project.

The Project objective is to provide within budget and schedule the following building and facilities in the NLNG Industrial Area in Bonny Island:
• Refurbish and modify a section of existing IA Workshops to optimise the space utilisation.
• Construction of Single Storey External building which shall be building Type B4.

Date: 17th of August, 2014

Venue: NLNG, Bonny Island

New Contract Awarded - Gbaran Security of Supply

Alcon is proud to announce that a new contract was awarded: Gbaran Security of Supply for SPDC .

The primary objectives of the Gbaran Security of Supply Project therefore are:
(i) To secure an uninterrupted gas supply from the Gbaran GP to NLNG.
(ii) To export circa 30Mbpd of condensate safely from the Gbaran GP to NLNG
(iii) To improve our environmental performance by diverting the attention of condensate line vandals and starve condensate oil bunkering business around the hydrocarbon liquid export line
(iv) Support GOAL-ZERO by contributing to eliminating hazardous releases and environmental pollution that have hitherto occurred along the RoW of the TNP pipeline.

Alcon MD, Stefano Piotti and Alcon Vice-Chairman, Ina Obasi, signing the Contract.

Date: 12th of June, 2014

Venue: SPDC, Abuja

Third Party Channel Agreement with ABB Nigeria

Alcon signed a Third Party Channel Agreement with ABB Nigeria

On 26th of March, Alcon signed a Third Party Channel Agreement with ABB Nigeria. Alcon desires to work as an ABB Authorized Panel Builder for the duration of this agreement for the ABB Low Voltage Products Business in the Nigerian market.

Venue: ABB Nigeria, Lagos

Date: 26th of March, 2014

Photo: Alcon Top Management (Mr. Stefano Piotti, Alcon's MD and Mr. Uba Obasi, Director/GM Corporate Services) and ABB Nigeria Top Management (Mr. Nitin Desai, ABBNG MD and ABB Country Manager, Naji Jreijiri, ABBNG Director, Ahmed Gamal, ABBNG LP Business Manager), signing the agreement.



New Contract Awarded - EPCC of RA Type 3 Apartment Block for NLNG


Alcon is proud to announce that a new contract was awarded: EPCC of RA Type 3 Apartment Block for NLNG

The scope of work for the EPC of RA Type 3 Apartment- Phase 1 Project are as follows:

• Construction of 12 units of 3 floor apartment blocks, which consists of six – 3 bedroom building , two each floor;

• Associated infrastructure including underground services (power, telecom, potable water, waste water, fire water and fire alarm);

• Roads and car parks;

• Storm drainages;

• Street lightings;

• Landscaping;

• New water tank;

• Power substation and

• Centralized air conditioning chiller plant.

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