IMS Policy Statement


As the Managing Director of ALCON Nigeria Limited, I am committed to a policy of total quality and environmental excellence in what we do, and will ensure that this policy is understood, accepted, implemented and maintained throughout ALCON Nigeria Limited.

In fulfilment of this policy, ALCON Nigeria Ltd shall ensure that products and services are supplied to meet their intended purpose and stated performance criteria in accordance with the requirements of, and to the satisfaction of the customer.

The basic objective of ALCON Nigeria Limited is to keep operating as a competitive and successful Company, so doing guarantee her long term survival through greater expansion of operations, market share and profitability.

In order to meet the objectives mentioned above, the management of ALCON Nigeria Limited assures that:

·         The organization, responsibilities, authorities, interfaces and objectives of the different units and process are well defined and documented;

·         The Integrated Management System is properly maintained and documented;

·         Audits are performed in order to verify the Integrated Management System and the work process;

·         Suitable Programs for continuous quality and environmental improvements are implemented.

·         The personnel is highly competent in their field of activity and is subject to periodic appraisal and training;

·         That personnel act in a reasonable manner in the use and consumption of natural resources to ensure the prevention of pollution with particular attention to the usage of hazardous materials, production and management of wastes and prevention of soil contamination.

ALCON Nigeria Limited will ensure, through appropriate methods that it complies with the relative environmental legislation and statutory regulations that relate to its products and services.

As and when it is required this policy will be made available to the public and other interested.




January 2015.

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