1. S200 Series
  2. SN201 Series
  3. S800 Series
  1. F200 Series
  2. DDA200 and DDA800 Series
  3. DS200 Series
  4. RD3 residual current relays
  1. OVR series surge protective devices
  2. E90 fuseholders and fuse disconnectors
  1. Contactors, latching relays and installation relays
  2. E200 series.switch disconnectors
  3. E210 series on-off switches, push buttons and indicator lamps
  4. D-Line digital and AT analogue time switches
  5. TWA astronomical switches and TW twilight switches
  6. E234 series electronic timers and E232 series staircase switches
  1. EQ digital electricity meters
  2. Digital and analogue measuring instruments
  3. Extensive range of other modular devices

Miniature circuit-brakers

1.     S200 Series

  • Circuit breakers up to 63 A S200, S200M and S200P: For residential, commercial and industrial use up to 25 kA.
  • S200U, S200UP and SU- 200PR with certification acc. to: Certification UL489/CSA 22.2 No. 5 (US and Canada).
  • Increased terminal opening for higher wire gauges up to 35mm².
  • For conductors with or without connector sleeves.
  • Fulfills still the requirements for protection degree IP20 (finger safe) acc. to IEC/EN 60529.
  • Integrated plate protecting flexible cables from damage and homogenous pressure in the terminal opening.
  • Multiple certification marks visible on the upper and lower face of the S200 circuit breakers.
  • Laser marking for reliable readability.
  • Real contact position indication, directly connected to the moving contact, for more comfort and safety.
  • Individual identification code for each MCB on the front.

2.     SN201 Series

  • SN201 series circuit breakers including one pole and neutral in one module width up to 40A specific for household applications and tertiary sector.
  • Label-holder built into SN200 circuit breakers.
  • Easy identification of protected circuits.
  • One pole plus neutral in a width of just 17.6 mm.
  • The green/red switch colour clearly indicates the connected/disconnected status.

3.      S800 Series

  • S800 circuit breakers with high breaking capacity up to 125A
  • S800B : 16 kA breaking capacity.
  • S800C : 25 kA breaking capacity.
  • S800N : 36 kA breaking capacity.
  • S800S : 50 kA breaking capacity.
  • Switch with intermediate trip position (TRIP).
  • S800 circuit breakers differentiate manual actuation from over-current trip.

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Residual Current protection

4.     F200 Series

  • Residual current devices up to 125 A
  • F200: Residential, tertiary and industrial.
  • Failsafe bi-directional cylinderlift terminal at top and bottom (available for the entire System pro M compact range). Ideal for connection of cables and  busbars simultaneously.

5.     DDA200 and DDA800 Series

  • RCD blocks adaptable to the S200 and S800 circuit-breaker series up to 63A and 100A respectively.
  • Terminal on the front face for fail-safe function.

6.     DS200 Series

  • Circuit breakers and residual current protection in a single device, just two modules width.
  • Suitable for residential, tertiary and industrial applications.
  • Displays the cause of the trip of the DS200 residual current breaker.
  • Blue (residual currentl trip) or black (over-current trip indications).
  • Includes RFID label.
  • Prevents forgeries through the inclusion of a serial number in compliance with the ISO/IEC FCD 15693-3 standard.
  • Contact position indicator visible on the front of the DS200 residual current breaker.

7.     RD3 residual current relays

  • Residual current relays with the possibility to set sensitivity and intervention time.
  • Ideal to obtain time and sensitivity combinations and to achieve selectivity with other residual current devices.

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Other protection devices

8.     OVR series surge protective devices

  • Protection of electrical equipment against surges caused by lightning or other grid disruptions.
  • Visual indicator of the remaining life of the OVR surge protective device.
  • Option to include remote signaling contacts of the OVR status.

9.     E90 fuseholders and fuse disconnectors

  • E90: Disconnector series up to 32A.
  • E90h: Compact series up to 32A.
  • E930: Series up to 125A.
  • Blown fuse indicator light on the front part of the E90 fuseholder.

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Command and control

10.   Contactors, latching relays and installation relays

  • ESB and EN series contactors.
  • E259 series installation relays.
  • E250 and E260 series latching relays.
  • Extremely quiet.
  • Variety of control voltages.
  • Multiple combinations of NO and NC contacts.
  • Function modes selector:
  • Automatic/Manual/Disconnected (EN series).

11.   E200 series.switch disconnectors

  • From 1 to 4 poles.
  • Up to 125 A.
  • Currents up to 125A.
  • From 1 to 4 poles.
  • Option to include an add-on of up to 3 auxiliary contacts.

12.   E210 series on-off switches, push buttons and indicator lamps

  • E211 and E218 series on-off switches.
  • E213 series change over switches.
  • E214 series group switches.
  • E215 and E217 series push buttons.
  • E219 series single, double and triple indicator lights.
  • Multiple command and control functions in the ultra-compact design (9mm width) of the E210 series.
  • Up to 3 E219 LED indicator lights in a width of just 9 mm.
  • LED indicators guarantee an optimal illumination with very low consumption.

13.   D-Line digital and AT analogue time switches

  • D1 and D2 weekly digital time switches.
  • D365 yearly digital time switches.
  • AT analogue time switches.
  • D-Line series weekly and annual digital time switches.
  • Multiple communication options.
  • Wide range of programs: standard, cyclic, casual and holiday.
  • White backlit LCD display.

14.   TWA astronomical switches and TW twilight switches

  • TWA astronomical switches to activate lighting systems according to the rising and setting of the sun.
  • TW twilight switches to control lighting devices according to the level of the ambient light.
  • Easy to program.
  • Ideal for public lighting, stores lighting, monuments, etc.

15.   E234 series electronic timers and E232 series staircase switches

  • Wide range of E234.
  • E232 staircase timers for household applications.
  • Connection and disconnection time delays.
  • Continuous and impulse signals among multiple options.
  • C11 single-phase digital electricity meter with ultra-compact design just one module wide.
  • C13 three-phase digital meter with ultra-compact design just three modules wide.
  • Both unique on the market.

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16.   EQ digital electricity meters

  • C series, extremely compact meters.
  • B series, compact with communication features.
  • A series, functionality beyond comparison.
  • Functionalities associated to a “metal scale” assigned to each model (steel, bronze, silver, gold and platinum).
  • Single-phase and three-phase metering.
  • Direct reading up to 80A or indirect reading through current and/or voltage transformers.
  • High precision with an accuracy class up to 0.5.
  • Reading of generated/consumed and active/reactive energy.
  • Up to four tariffs.
  • Up to eight channels of load profiles.
  • Previous values for several quantities.
  • Possibility of built-in serial communication interfaces.
  • Multiple communication options.
  • Possibility of internal clock for advanced functionalities.

17.   Digital and analogue measuring instruments

  • AMTD and AMT ammeters.
  • VLMD and VLM voltmeters.
  • FRZ frequency meters.
  • DMTME multimeters.
  • E233 and HTM hour counters.
  • Current and voltage transformers.
  • Other functions

18.   Extensive range of other modular devices

  • Modular sockets.
  • Light dimmers.
  • Priority switches and overload relays.
  • Control, isolating and safety transformers etc.
  • The range includes products complying with the most widespread standards (German, Italian, French...).
  • Different colours for easy identification.
  • Safety shutters and optional cover.

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Breakers and Switches



The SACE FORMULA circuit-breakers from 15A to 630A consist of the interruption part together with the trip unit and they can be installed:

• directly on the back plate of the cubicles;

• on a DIN rail (A1 and A2);

• back door (A1, A2 and A3, 2-3 4 poles).

They are characterised by:

• fixed version;

• polarity: 1 pole (A1 and A2), 2 poles (A1 and A2), 3 poles (A1, A2 and A3), 4 poles (A1, A2 and A3);

• maximum breaking capacity of 36kA for A1 and A2 and of 50kA for A3 at 415V AC;

• fixed thermomagnetic trip unit (TMF) for protection of networks in alternating and direct current (A1, A2, A3);

• ELT LI electronic trip unit with fixed thresholds for the protection of networks in alternating current (A3);

• only two depths: 60mm (A1, A2) and 103.5mm (A3);

• standard front terminals;

• the possibility of use at 50°C without derating up to 250A (except for A1 125A);

• a special version for A3 300A-400A for use at 50°C.

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TMAX Family

Tmax family is now available as a complete range of moulded case circuit-breakers up to 1600 A. All the circuit-breakers, both three-pole and four-pole, are available in the fixed version; the sizes T2, T3, T4 and T5 in the plug-in version and T4, T5, T6 and T7 in the withdrawable one as well.

With the same frame size, the circuit-breakers in the Tmax family, are available with different breaking capacities and different rated uninterrupted currents.

The electric arc interruption system used on the Tmax circuit-breakers allows the short-circuit currents of very high value to be interrupted extremely rapidly. The considerable opening speed of the contacts, the dynamic blasting action carried out by the magnetic field and the structure of the arcing chamber contribute to extinguishing the arc in the shortest possible time, notably limiting the value of the specific let-through energy I2t and the current peak.

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SACE Emax 2 is a new series of low voltage air circuit-breakers available up to 6300 A and with the ability to efficiently and simply control electrical installations – from the traditional to the more complex – with minimum impact, the new SACE Emax 2 circuit-breakers represent the evolution of a circuit-breaker into a Power Manager.

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Automatic Transfer Switches

Fully automatic solution. Our ATS range includes sophisticated features in extremely compact footprint area without neglecting features that makes assembly easy and safe, every time.

ABB’s range of automatic transfer switches goes from 160 to 1600 Amperes. There are three types of ATSs with three different OMD control units: OMD200, OMD300 and OM800. ABB’s ATSs have the features and functionality that makes them suitable for diverse applications: industrial plants, docks, airports and data centers.

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