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    EPC Contractor in the Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, Power Systems and Infrastructure for projects with individual value of up to 250 MUSD. P&C Contractor for projects up to 400M USD.



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    Alcon's current projects:
    Akia Phase II
    PH Monorail
    Nun River Project
    Soku Project
    Okoloma Project
    Bonny RA Project
    Forcado Yokri Project
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    ALCON  believe the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and good corporate citizenship are key to our success. Our CSR stance focuses on four key areas : Client and marketplace

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Nigerian Content Policy


ALCON Nigeria Limited shall conduct all its activities in a manner, which ensures that:

First considerations are given to services provided from within Nigeria and to goods manufactured in Nigeria.

  1. First considerations are given to Nigerians for training & employment inline with the work programme for which any plan is submitted.
  2. The Company's bidding processes & procedures are tailored towards giving Nigerian indigenous contractors & companies a full and fair opportunity in the acquiring of goods & services and eliminating "lowest bidder" criteria.
  3. Goods & services utilized for any Project are at all times inline with CLIENT's & industry specifications & requirements.
  4. All Nigerianized positions attract salaries, wages & benefits as provided for in ALCON's condition of service for Nigerian employees.
  5. Only Nigerians are employed in Company's junior & intermediate cadre or any other corresponding designated grades.
  6. There's always promotion of technology transfer to Nigerian individuals & companies.
  7. All of its insurable risks associated with any Project are insured by a Nigerian Insurance Company.
  8. Nigerian Banks are, at all times, utilized for banking services.

ALCON NIGERIA LIMITED shall focus on training its work force to becoming an invaluable asset, hence encouraging its employees to take full advantage of this gesture by developing and improving on their knowledge and safety awareness. This will be aimed at acquainting its workers with the work processes, necessary skills and behavioural attitude requirement.

Managing Director

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