ALCON awarded Monorail Project in Port Harcourt

ALCON Nigeria Limited has just been awarded a Contract from the Ministry Of Transport (Rivers State Government) and Rivers Monorail Company (RMC) for the Installation of Free Issue Monorail Track work and Associated Items (Phase 1A) Project.

The scope of works for this contract includes the collection, assembly, transport and installation of the monorail guide way (also called track beams) for the Phase 1A scope of 2.6 kms single track that will cover the track between the Port Harcourt Depot-Sharks Park and UTC Junction.

The project kick off meeting was held in Arcuss Gibb’s Office (Consultant) in Port Harcourt on August 9, 2012 and was attended by the Rivers Monorail Company (RMC) Technical Director, Arcuss Gibb Representatives and ALCON’s Management Team.


                                Kick Off Meeting                                                                                            Site Inspection

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