Installation of Free Issue Monorail Track work and Associated Items



The complete scope of work on the Rivers Monorail Project with regards to the assembly and installation works includes the guideway (also called track beams), depot, stations and electrical power rooms.

The guideway installation on the Rivers Monorail Project consists of approximately 6.5km double track which are divided up into two phases namely phase 1A and Phase 1B. Phase 1A consists of 2.6km single track from the depot (just south of Lagos bus stop) up to UTC Junction station. Phase 1B consists of 2.6km additional single track between the Depot and UTC Junction station and 3.9km double track from UTC Junction station up to Waterlines Station.


Traverser Installation Success

On 21st of November, Alcon succesfully installed the traverser beam. The installation of the 96 Tons and 50 meters traverser was a a major milestone on the road to successful project completion.

See below a gallery of photos from the installation.

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